Client: Planta Biogas


The establishment of a new livestock facility of milk in Requena (Valencia) required the research of alternative solutions for the treatment of livestock defecation and its use to produce renewable energy and fertilisers.

The first Biogas Plant for the use of livestock defecation was founded in Spain thanks to the conditions imposed by the different Public Administrations at that time, and to the awareness raised by the Property Registry.

Done work:

We worked together with the Property Registry on several studies, as well as with Research Institutions and Public Administrations, to determine the best system for the treatment of manure produced in the farm. We also studied its use for the codigestion of other subproducts of the food industry.

Once the treatment system was determined, the fundamental elements of the Plant were resized. We also selected the national and international industrialists that carried out the installation of the system.

After carrying out the Management of Construction and the coordination of the industrialists, we carried out the training of the personnel in charge of the exploitation. The exploitation has been successfully carried out during the last 12 years with the export to the 30M Kwh electrical distribution network and the non-emission into the atmosphere of 6,000 T of CO2.