Cliente: Alfil Cooperativa


Thanks to the rapid growth of Tecnufol in recent years, the company experienced the need to adapt its image. An integral work of replanning the brand is required, with a special emphasis on making the Carbocalidad method more visible, by adapting the packaging of the ecological and zero waste range of products, and implementing the image change in the current formats of the company.

Secondly, the need to project the new image and to develop a communication plan to be able to value the benefits of the brand: ecological fertilizers, own work method, and international company with pursuit of proximity.

Done work:

The starting point involved a non-abrupt adaptation of the brand, carrying out a strategic branding exercise, always with the client, working together on the company’s future vision. Hereafter, the adaptation of the new brand image was carried out at all levels, from the company’s website to its commercial dossier, through packaging, product and corporate videos, internal ethical code, merchandising and welcoming manuals, among others.

We are currently working on the implementation of the communication strategy and PR, with a strong presence in the digital field. We are detecting the opportunities to obtain greater visibility of brand, attracting to new clients by making segmented campaigns. This plan of communication is being developed with an international scope by the company itself and its commercial delegations, particularly in Latin America.