Client: Zutec


Zutec is a brand of natural juice capsules that are suitable for Dolce Gusto machines and with a registered technology. Its recent launching to national and international markets required a thorough work of repositioning of brand that could be reflected in a flexible way in the packaging of all products.

Done work:

The first exercise consisted on providing the brand with an identity according to its positioning. Redesigning its logo, projecting its innovative features and the ones attached to a healthy product, and transmitting them through the use of colours with a simple and clear launching.

Based on a deep multi-category study (capsules and juices) and on the significant insights obtained, we prioritised a series of hierarchical messages that had to be balanced in the packaging design.
The way of use and the identification of the product that opens a new category must be of special relevance as well as the messages related to its own naturalness, its nutritional equivalence and its absence of added sugars.

Packaging was developed for the three varieties of the current range (orange, peach and pineapple.) Its difference is noted through the chromatic adaptation based on each kind of fruit. In addition, we included the corresponding languages not only on a legal level but also on a nutritional one to get logistics optimisation for sale on different platforms of e-commerce, being Amazon the main client.

In the commercial aspect, work is being done on the introduction of the product in the different channels focused on the retail channel, both nationally and internationally, by adapting the commercial arguments and the formats and prices strategy to ensure product test and repeat purchase.